Main Features:
Minimalist and refined texture, light and portable
The aluminum-magnesium alloy body is comfortable to hold, the weight of the whole machine is 28g, the thickness of the body is 11 mm, and the size of your fingers, you can easily put it in your pocket and carry it with you.

Black technology equipment, all-rounder in work and life
LS-P has as many as 11 practical measurement functions, such as single measurement, continuous measurement, angle measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, primary Pythagorean measurement, secondary Pythagorean measurement, front and back reference, one-key angle measurement/ height. Easily cover various measurement needs in your life and work.

Components imported from many countries, every measurement is accurate and reliable
LS-P is a professional-grade measuring tool with a measuring accuracy of up to 1 mm and a measuring time of 0.2 seconds. You can rest assured that every click you make

Aluminum-magnesium alloy shell
High-precision one-piece molding process, 5 rounded arcs, polished and sandblasted, comfortable to hold, sweat and corrosion resistant.

USB flash charge, long battery life
Equipped with 200mAh lithium battery, USB charging speed, bid farewell to the trouble of frequent battery replacement. One full charge is enough to measure 3500 times, and the long-lasting battery life escorts long-term use.

Everything can be measured, diverse application scenarios
The area of ​​the new home, the height of doors and windows, the size of the sofa, the capacity of the warehouse, the angle of the stairs, etc., are convenient, efficient and easy to help.

● Wide measuring range 40M with a high accuracy up to ± 2mm, accurate and efficient.
● Switchable among meter (m), inch (in), feet (ft), convenient to read the measuring results.
● Large LCD with backlight, help to see the date clearly in low-light conditions.
● Widely used in interior decoration, indoor design, construction field.

Brand: DUKA
Model: LS-P
Shell material: Aluminum alloy, ABS
Exterior crafts:
Fine polishing + matte sandblasting
Maximum ranging: 40m
Ranging error: ± 2mm
Battery capacity: 200mAh lithium battery
Charging method: 5V Max 0.2A
Power:< 5mw

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