Main Features:
Ingenious folding body design, easy to carry
The arm adopts classic three-dimensional folding, which feels pleasant to the hand. After folding, the size is doubled and reduced, and it is easy to grasp with one hand.

4K/6K movie-level pixels
ESC camera, remote control
The upgrade effectively eliminates camera shake/shake and improves the shooting quality. Support remote 90° control, 4K/6K high-definition pixel still photo resolution, 120° ultra-wide-angle shooting range.

« Dual perspective switching », greater creative space
Dual GPS positioning, multi-function return home
GPS/optical flow dual positioning
It can be hovered indoors and outdoors, anti-shake for aerial photography, easy for novices to use.

50x zoom shooting
Support zoom shooting, aerial photography more freely, with a panoramic view of the distance

5G WiFi image transmission
HD transmission, real-time viewing
More stable remote control transmission signal, real-time viewing of images through mobile phones.

Gesture photo/video
Pointing at the lens and making corresponding gestures, you can take pictures/videos.

MV production
Can be edited and shared online

Beauty filter shooting
Make « she » more beautiful, add a variety of special effects online

Multipoint flight
Intelligent flight mode without remote control

Smart follow
Your personal photographer, automatically follow the shot without control

Surround shooting
360° shooting « big scene »

One-click take-off and landing
One-button take-off and landing of the drone can be achieved through the remote control, without cumbersome control.

Smart follow
Based on the direction of the remote control, the direction is no longer lost and the control is simpler.

VR mode
Through the mobile phone equipped with VR glasses, you can experience the immersive experience in the sky from the perspective of migratory birds.

Modular battery
Modular lithium battery design, easy to install and take, 25 minutes long battery life, let you play as much as you want.

Battery capacity: 3.7V 1600mAh lithium battery
Aerial pixels: 4K dual camera / 6K dual camera
Remote control distance: about 500 meters
Image transmission distance: 120 meters for 5G HD image transmission

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