Main Features:
GaN ( gallium nitride )
The third generation of semiconductor black technology materials

GaN is a new type of semiconductor material, widely used in aerospace and military fields. With super heat conduction efficiency, high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance, the charger can not only achieve small size and lightweight, but also has more advantages in charging power conversion compared with the same power charger(non-GaN)

PD 65W fast charge
Convenient for office

It can quickly provide power for high-power devices such as MacBook and ThinkPad, making office work easier

Support Fast Charge Protocol
Support the fast charge protocol of most mobile phones on the market

TV Mode, Entertainment Games
Can quickly provide power to the Switch base, connect to the TV, and play games

Does Not Damage the Phone
Built-in PD certification protocol chip, power management chip, synchronous rectification chip. Multiple guarantees are more reliable

Quick Charge At Low Temperature
Using high-performance transformers, MOS tubes, capacitors and other components, high energy efficiency conversion rate. Low loss, not easy to get hot after charging

Reduce the Burden on Trip
Charge your mobile phone, computer, tablet and Switch together. Take only one charger for a business trip

Trendy Appearance, Strong and Sturdy
PC fireproof shell, using splicing technology, fashionable and durable

Quality Certification
Passed a series of quality certifications such as CE, FCC, ROHS, etc, just to give you more peace of mind

Type: Travel charger
Material: PC+ABS
Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A
Total output: 65W (MAX)
Interface: dual port QC3.0+PD 65W
Indication function: with indication function

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